publish medieval-tales color palette
publish antico color palette
Add shortcode to display color swatches
Fix light-theme code style & center figure text
Use InclusiveSans as the main font (OFL license)
Fix source code syntax highlighting
Fix html formatting & Add missing tags

Why were they missing in the first place? :shrug:
Added more blacklist items
Added Queertopia category

Will probably take me ages to finish one of the planned posts,
but this way `git status` will always remind me that I should continue
Added TableOfContents to every blog post
Published: DIY Vinyl Sticker
How to make your own vinyl stickers, without buying them in bulk

10/10 can recommend
Added new Arts&Crafts category
Improved readability and searchability
Show tags below blog preview
and use blog preview element on keyword screen
Finally wrote the introducting oomph blog post

(didn't take me about one year sth sth)
Added keywoard to pages & fixed metadata
Added keywords overview page
Published: Stealing a pesto recipe

I kind of wrote this post ages ago, but forgot to proof read it.
So yeah - I didn't backdate it because I can't remember when I wrote it,
but probably last summer (6 months late - pure skill)
Added global rss feed and rss feed for categories