source files for my website ccw.icu
publish medieval-tales color palette
publish antico color palette
Add shortcode to display color swatches



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This repo contains the feed source code for my website.

To view the content of my web page, you can visit ccw.icu.



  • hugo


To build the files, simply run hugo and serve the publish folder, or use hugo server --buildDrafts to run a live server


I'm currently serving the files directly from an s3-bucket using caddy.

ccw.icu {
	# match .html files and folders (because they'll be redirected to index.html
	@html {
		path_regexp (\.html|^(.*)/)$
	# match .css files
	@css {
		path_regexp \.css$
	# auto index.html redirect
	uri * path_regexp ^(.*)/$ $1/index.html
	header @html -Content-Type text/html
	# set default content type for css
	header @css ?Content-Type text/css
	# unset content type for .css files
	header @css -Content-Type
	# internally rewrite url to suite s3 bucket
	# "website" - bucket name
	rewrite * /website/{path}
	reverse_proxy :9000

builds.sr.ht status